About Us

Hybrid Mail Solutions is a secure and efficient mailing service that produces high quality, added value, user-friendly products and services for customers, enriching their experience and creating a solution which is customer driven.

We have a clear business purpose – to help individuals, businesses and organisations achieve greater savings in postage. We aim to provide a service for any business no matter how big or small it may be aiding them to communicate cost effectively and efficiently with their clients.

For details of our environmental and health and safety policies, please see our Policies page

Company Background

Hybrid Mail Solutions is currently the only company of its type in Northern Ireland. We cater for all types and sizes of businesses and have customers spanning the UK and Ireland.

Colum Courtney is the Managing Director of Hybrid Mail Solutions. He has 15 years experience in Sales, Service and Print Production Management. Colum’s experience also includes 2 years in the Banking Sector, 8 years Management Experience in the Telecommunications Sector and 10 years in a Senior Managerial capacity within the Financial Service Sector where his duties included Budget Management, Strategic Planning and Implementation to name but a few.

Colum’s approach to business is to be innovative and creative and as such Hybrid Mail Solutions is run this way. At Hybrid Mail Solutions we are looking for the most creative and innovative ways possible to bring our customers the best service possible.

Hybrid Mail Solutions always looks to put the customer first. In a time of global financial difficulty we strive to give our customers the best possible service in terms of quality, punctuality and money. We take pride in our service and have received many positive reviews and return customers in our short but fruitful existence.

Core Services

  • Bulk postal fulfillment
  • Data cleansing
  • Direct mail
  • Hybrid Mail technology
  • Postal consultation services
  • Downstream access supplier
  • Environmental postal improvement
  • National & International price solutions

Account Management

By using Hybrid Mail Solutions Mail Me you will instantly see an impact on your business from day one. Save on envelopes, paper, print and postage by using a Pay as You Go type service, you only pay for what you use. For a quotation please e-mail: info@hybridmailsolutions.com

Advantages of Hybrid Mail Solutions Mail Me

  • Optimise resources – labour, consumables and time
  • Postal optimisation – Maximise postal discounts
  • Process Integrity – Audit trail and mail piece integrity
  • Quality controlled – Brand & presentation
  • Reduced carbon footprint and cost