The HMS Hybrid Mail Me product  has been specifically designed for all types of businesses and organisations. Nothing is too small or too large to send via HMS Hybrid Mail Me. It has been designed with the customer in mind. With HMS Hybrid Mail Me you will benefit from Downstream Access discount rates, and will achieve economies of scale through a large print production room which you may not have envisaged before now. You have no set up fee or contractual obligations, therefore you have nothing to lose.

Hybrid Mail Solutions Hybrid Mail Me product will deliver a minimum of 30% savings to your postage account. HMS Hybrid Mail Me is available to you online at a touch of button. It is convenient, secure, value for money and you just pay and go. How to get started? Click

Now send your Postcards via Hybrid Mail. Upload your attachments and data and simply click and mail. Click here.

UK Ireland postal services

Hybrid Mail Solution is best placed to handle your transactional, print production, mail merge and postal requirements. The company has access to downstream access licenses allowing the customer to benefit from postal discounts. Combined with the latest software you can print from London or Cork and have your mail posted directly into the Irish or UK postal region without international rates applying. Reduce your cost, reduce your carbon footprint and increase the speed and efficiency of how you communicate with your customers by using HMS Office Mail.

All your mail is printed on high quality 100gsm paper. We supply paper, envelopes, printing, labour and postage for cheaper than the price of a stamp. For our very competitive rates and how to get started contact us at

Why Use Hybrid Mail Solutions?

  • Convenience – You can manage your mail from your desktop in 3 Simple steps:

Register with HMS Mail Me

Download the software

Start creating your documents

  • Control – You have complete control over your documents in terms of the letterheads, attachments and stationary
  • Environmentally Friendly – By using HMS Mail Me you can improve your company’s eco-friendly image as we use recycled paper and offer the choice of printing on both sides of a sheet
  • Increased Document Integrity – You can track and trace your documents and ensure all items are produced and posted using Optical Mark Reader
  • Reduced Investment/Increased Capital – Save money by using our Mail Me system as there is no need to purchase expensive machinery such as folding, inserting and franking machines

Hybrid Mail Solutions Provides

  • Mail Sortation – HMS sorts all mail in a timely and professional manner, ensuring efficiency and punctuality with all our customers’ documents
  • Variation – HMS offers customers a number of ways to connect with our printing system namely; Print Driver, Hot Folder, Website & SFTP
  • Reduced Cost – Your costs are significantly reduced in terms of labour, printing and postage costs as we take care of all those parts for you
  • Productivity – The productivity of your business is improved greatly due to our involvement in the printing, sealing and postage of your documents
  • Simplicity – Using our ‘hot folder’ system allows you to integrate your back office system to send documents to the HMS Mail Me system