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What is

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a customised mailing solution to meet individual client’s needs. It is a managed fulfilment service dictated by the clients whether it is in marketing, legal or financial sector.

Hybrid Mail Solutions will make your campaign seamless.



A direct mail solution that is eye catching informative and simple for clients, simply contact us and we will do the rest.


software development

Software Development

Need a program to transform raw data to an understandable communicative form? Contact us for the ideal solution.


sms text alerts

Email SMS Alerts

For a cheaper, faster, greener and more efficient form of communication, opt for the Hybrid Mail E-mail Solution.


Client Login

Login to the relevent Application for your business

Hybrid Mail Me

HMS HybridMail is a mail composition, management and printing system.

HMS Mail Me

This login page enables you to access the Web application for mail and administration

HMS Secure File Transfer

Data Send provide an easy way to get large files where you need them...when you need them.

What we do?

Hybrid Mail is Cheaper, Faster and more Efficient in getting your mail to your customers on time. Print and Post your mail directly from your desktop with a click of your mouse. Our hybrid mail solution allows customers to send thousands of letters for as little as 31p.

How it works?

Hybrid Mail allows you to send letters and documents directly via our virtual printer without having to do any of the time consuming printing and posting work. Simply click File, Print, Post and your mail is gone same day, we take care of the rest.

Who We Serve

Waste & Recycling : Financial : Legal : Health : Security Services : Marketing : Local Government : Opticians : Veterinary Practices : Facilities : Software Companies