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hybrid mail


Hybrid Mail is faster cheaper greener and more secure.

It’s simple; a user in the business creates and sends the letter via print client. The letters are sent to a central server. Hybrid Mail Solutions prints, inserts the document into an envelope and posts the letters direct via Downstream Access. The letter is then delivered by post 2-3 days later.

The majority of documents are created in house. This requires a number of processes, all of which incur cost and time, using expensive resource and assets, i.e. people, post rooms, machinery etc. Additionally, higher postage costs are paid, as only limited discounts are available due to the lack of volume and pre-sortation performed on the mail.

HMS Hybrid Mail Me solves all of these and many more problems by offering your business the ability to create, proof and then centrally print and post their mail quicker and more cost effectively than traditional mail creation and postal methods, whilst at the same time reducing the impact on the environment and increasing efficiency and visibility of their print and mail processes.

Why use Hybrid Mail

  • Faster Communications – Your business will be able to ensure documents reach the recipient in the quickest time possible.
  • Immediate 24/7 Access to send mail.
  • Improved Document Quality – Your business will be able to control the organisations letterheads, stationary and attachments and achieve high quality.
  • Increased Productivity – Your business will benefit from longer production windows. Potentially improving sales and customer response times.
  • Reduced Production & Maintenance Costs – No need for your business to maintain expensive and/or out-dated machinery.
  • Track & Trace Option – Your business will be able to track and trace items through the production process and ensure that all items are produced and posted using Optical Mark Reader.


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