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transactional mail


transactional mailTransactional Mail is in simple terms, a mail piece sent in the post to complete a transaction with a customer. This piece of Transactional Mail will include confirmation of purchase, the amount paid, what the item is and when the customer can expect delivery. Transactional Mail is the type of mail you receive after you complete an online purchase.

Other examples of transactional mail are:

  • Account updates (for instance, PIN notification)
  • A reminder of a loan
  • Changes to employment agreements

Hybrid mail Solutions sends out transactional mail daily.

Need to send personalised transactional mail?
If you are looking to send personalised transactional mail and want to discuss it further, call here.

Why use Transactional Mail Service

Data: Certified and accredited ISO 27001 clients can be sure that data security is at the forefront of everything we do. GDPR and Data Protection is at the centre of everything we do. Using our vast experience in the areas of data management and the delivery of large scale communication programmes, we embrace leading edge technology to ensure that our clients benefit from the most efficient intelligent data driven solutions available in the marketplace today.

Personalisation: we provide high-quality, secure personalisation solutions for the production of both mono and full colour Transactional Mail output.
Postage – with postage equating to a large proportion of any transactional mail pack we offer downstream access (DSA) ratees to our clients some of the most competitive postal rates in the market. We take each mailing on a case by case basis and advise on how best to maximise potential postal saving.

Mailing: Our high speed secure inserters have the capability and capacity to enable secure fulfilment of mail packs from C6 to C4 size. We use camera matching technology and 2d barcodes providing auditable trails and comfort that your mailings will be completed with 100% integrity.


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