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hybrid mail solutions presents at annual marketforce uk postal conference in london

Colum Courtney Founder and MD of Hybrid Mail Solutions presented at the Marketforce UK conference in Le Meridian Piccadilly London at this years 2014 annual conference.

Colum was invited as guest speaker and spoke on “Strategically locating on an International Border” removing international postal charges and adapting to change by applying innovative technologies.

Hybrid Mail Solutions has customers in New York, France, through Ireland and the UK availing of its services and its unique offerings. The majority of mail comes out of the UK and goes back into the UK and vice versa with Ireland but companies who are in both regions no longer need to purchase expensive capital equipment and incur international postal charges between the two regions. Hybrid Mail Solutions is also now posting directly into Germany.

The business has grown by over 200% in the last 12 months and is about to enter the public sector in 2015. Its forecasted the business will grow by a further 100% at a minimum in the next 12 months. The reason for the rapid growth is that customers get a service which exceeds their requirements, delivers cost savings and is first class when it comes to delivering their mail faster, cheaper and greener than anyone else